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Turyaa Hotels by Aitken Spence

Turyaa is one of the Aitken Spence chain of hotels’ newest ventures and the brand as a whole sought to come off as lively and entertaining, therefore it was an exciting experience for us as we created a dynamic website that mirrors the Turyaa brand identity of affordable luxury and celebrating life in the form of an interactive website.

Dilmah Chefs and the Tea Maker

The Chefs and the Tea Maker is a challenge organized by Dilmah to bring together individuals from around the world for an exciting competition. Creating a website to serve as a content hub for the participants that was also engaging and captivating was a task that we enjoyed dedicating our time to.


Delair Travels

Delair is a local travel agency that provides customized tours within Sri Lanka and outside. As a travel agency they believed in a visually enticing website that catered to the discerning travelers. We enjoyed handcrafting a website that perfectly captivated the beauty of travel while also serving as an information hub for customers.

Dilmah Tea Inspired

Dilmah Tea Inspired serves as the main website for the Dilmah brand and we were excited to be a part of providing a web solution that took on the concept of tea and placed it at the center of everyday life, in a way that also portrayed the areas of the brand ventures.